Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra

Arabesque Dance Company and Orchestra

“Extraordinary…Evocative tapestry”
CBC Radio
“Arresting imagery…Seduces completely”
The Globe and Mail
“Hypnotic…artistry and passion”
Dance International
The Globe and Mail

Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra is Canada’s leading Middle Eastern dance and music ensemble and unique in the world. The company consists of 17 male and female dance artists trained in 14 different styles of Middle Eastern dance led by Yasmina Ramzy and 9 acoustic musicians led by Bassam Bishara.

The company tours internationally and has staged 8 major full-scale productions featuring both traditional and ground breaking, innovative choreographies and musical compositions. It performs in such theatres as the Hummingbird Centre for the Arts, Premiere Dance Theatre and Madison Square Gardens. Arabesque has performed alongside such artists as Alabina, National Ballet of Canada, Bijan Mortazavi, Amr Diab, The Rolling Stones, Rageb Alema and Ben Harper, to name a few.

Having received numerous awards for artistic excellence, the innovative choreographies and rich acoustic music has the ability to move an audience to tears or on their feet dancing with joy. The company has garnered rave reviews for its high standard of art in all mainstream media. Sold out audiences are always enriched when making the emotional connection with the timeless and profound Arab art which is Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra.


Leader/choreographer & home:
Led by Yasmina Ramzy and orchestra led by Bassam Bishara. ADCO operates out of Arabesque Academy.

Arabesque Academy
1 Gloucester Street, Suite 107
Toronto, ON M4Y 1L8

phone: 1-416-920-5593

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