Who are we

Bellydanceintoronto.com is the most comprehensive database and resource on the local Toronto Bellydance scene. Bellydanceintoronto.com is a non-partisan site and seeks to represent ALL that is Toronto Bellydance without censoreship so if you are part of this scene and not listed, please let us know so we can rectify it immediately!

Why are we here

Toronto has one of the most dense, diverse and vibrant international hubs of Bellydance in the world. As a fan of the local scene I am often frustrated with disparate sources of information for the Toronto Bellydance scene, some weeks I have to visit up to 8 different sites/emails to keep abreast of all the information. One day I realized that a lot of people would like one place to get all the information and might not even know the depth and wealth of this local Bellydance scene. From this bellydanceintoronto.com was born.

What do we do

We connect the Bellydance fan, friend, student, participant, performer, connoisseur, supporter with the wealth and depth that is the local Toronto Bellydance scene. Toronto has been fortunate to be a hub of excellent and expert instruction in the art of Middle Eastern Dance and Music with world renowned instructors, musicians, professors, dancers and schools calling Toronto home and dedicated entirely to the proliferation of this artform. Welcome to our world, the world of Bellydance that we call home….

Behind the Bellies:

Jaene Castrillon (Juvia)

Bellydanceintoronto.com is an idea developed in 2009 by Juvia as an enthusiast of the Toronto Bellydance scene with the support of her good friend and collegue Paul Devisser. Juvia’s journey as a bonifide bellyholic began in 2004 where she took her first class at her local gym. Since then she has gone on to dance in most of Toronto’s bellydance troupes and is an unorthodox solo performer. Juvia also teaches classes and workshops in bellydance and has studied under many local and overseas legends.

Juvia is, first and foremost, a big fan of the Toronto bellydance scene and works constantly to keep herself up-to-date on the going-ons of this global bellydance hub. It was in 2009 she thought a blog that provided all this information would be useful AND certainly make others aware of how unique Toronto is for bellydance. Since Juvia began working on this blog, she soon realized that Toronto had everything a Bellydancer could ever want and so she wanted to share that pride with others while providing a first rate website of resources relevant to bellydancers in Toronto.

Juvia’s love for bellydance didn’t just stop there, she also has a passion for providing unique and beautiful videography of local Toronto bellydancers and wants to share her love of Toronto Bellydance in all it’s wonderful forms with the rest of the world! Marabuk! (Welcome in Arabic) I hope you enjoy this site and find it wonderful, useful and inspiring, please tell all your belly buddies about it!

Check out Juvia’s video work on youtube: www.youtube.com/user/DarkRayne8

Paul Devisser (PDV Photography)

Paul Devisser is a Toronto based photographer specializing in dance photography, portrait photography.

His work has been featured in the Toronto Star, IMDB, SHIMMY magazine and as well as many dance web sites.

Paul’s photography can be viewed at PDV Photography. Prints are also available for purchase.


Laura McCutchan (Orkideh)

Orkideh is the director of tribal bellydance troupe, The Serpentina North Ensemble. She is also the producer of the annual Nuit Blanche party, Moonlight Tribe. An American ex-pat, she loves Toronto and wishes to foster our creative community.

She teaches weekly at Habeeba’s Dance Studio. In addition to dance, Orkideh is working towards her Pilates certification.

See all things Serpentina North here: www.serpentinatribal.com