Get to Know a Bellydancer: Nada El Masriya



Nada El Masriya

Where are you from?

Cairo, Egypt

Astrological Sign


Who do you dance with (Soloist/Company/Studio affiliation)?

I am the Artistic Director of the Egyptian Dance Company and the Egyptian Dance Academy.

How long have you been dancing?

23 years.

What is your favourite music?

Western Classical Music, and most Arabic music — except some of the newer pop music.

Favourite costume piece?

I love them all so much, I cannot choose!

Your Vices?

Extreme attention to detail and a need for perfection. It has been both a blessing, and on some projects, more like annoying!

Your Virtues?

My love of Egyptian Dance is my greatest blessing and virtue. Without that love, I would not be able to share my art with so many people.

Upcoming project/event?

I have a six-episode series for Rogers called ‘Shape Up Belly Dance’ coming on October 27th it airs 8AM and will air more than one time. We will also be performing in the Dance Ontario Dance Weekend in January, 2015. The Egyptian Dance Company will be opening for the Pan Am Games in 2015, and will be working with Cirque Du Soleil. Additionally, we’re developing our show ‘Scharahrazade’, which will open in October 2015.

Why bellydance?

Love it, love it, love it! It’s always been a part of my life, my culture and my country, all types of Egyptian Dance have been for me.

Who inspires you?

I respect and learn from all Egyptian artists and international artists as well. I believe that one should always keep an open mind and that there is something to learn from all artists. Everyone has different strengths to draw from and I believe that everyone has something to offer to the art.

That being said, there are some artists that have changed my artistic vision in many ways, and I owe them my successes. Namely, Mahmoud Reda, Hisham Saleh, Aida Nour, Fifi Abdou and Samia Gamal.