Serpentina North Ensemble present Workshops by Susan Frankovich


Susan Frankovich, an American-born dancer, is a master of the slow and slinky and possibly one of the tribal scene’s secret gems. Hailing from Reno, Nevada, she has spent time in New York City as a member of Alchemy Dance Theatre and Bellyqueen and in the Bay Area, where she collaborated with Mira Betz, Elizabeth Strong, Frederique, Rose Harden, Sarah White and Jill Parker of Ultra Gypsy in The Barbary Coast Shakedown.

She currently lived in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where she brought American Tribal Style and tribal fusion to the masses and was dubbed “the biggest attraction of the Adriatic Coast” by Amsterdam’s Elle Magazine for her nightly performances at the famous Troubadour Live Jazz Cafe in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She taught 10 classes a week and travelled within Europe, teaching and performing.

Susan is now based in California, and is continuing to bring her instruction and performances all over. Serpentina North Ensemble is thrilled to bring her to Toronto for three special workshops: Tribal Arms and Upper Body, Super Slow ATS, and Belly Popping.