Belly Dancing FINALLY pays off!!!!

As posted on Facebook Saturday, August 25, 2007 at 6:47pm


Belly Dancing FINALLY pays off!!!!


So as some of you know or may not know I’ve been a serious bellyaholic for the past 3 years going on 4 years.

It all started in some basement gym… I went to take some really basic belly dance classes as part of gym (cardio and weights can get sooooo boring!). Next thing you know I’m HOOKED.. not just on the dancing but in the whole women positive, energy loving way…. Belly dancing started me on a path of spirituality and positive female love and I can’t be more thankful! A closet full of shiny and jingly things continues to attest for my love of it!

Since then I’ve had three FABULOUS teachers who have all helped me wonderfully throughout the years. I also have to give a big shout out to my favorite belly dancer in the world “Evil Eyeball”, she has been by my side since day one, encouraging me and helping me with undulations, shimmy walks and getting over evil eyes and yucky beyoutches!

From the gym, to learning it more professionally, to being in a professional Troupe to now being an actual freelance dancer… it’s been a long hard road! Some of you may not know but what comes easily to others does not come easily for me being overweight, flat footed, crooked back and bum knees, but I have managed to hold my own and continue with my fierce determination and tenacity to get better with time and age. Where once I could barely walk up and down stairs in the winter, I can now do some levels, shimmy while kneeling, flutter and almost undulate flutter!!! No easy feat for a unfit 32 year old hehe Since then I’ve performed at lots of really cool places like the Sunnybrook Vets, Taste of the Danforth and (most proud of) the Belly Dance Conference of Canada 2007!!!

As this path continues I realize it isn’t about how ‘well’ we dance, or having the perfect technique (of course one ALWAYS strives to be a better person and dancer)…. I find myself being drawn to those who obviously LOVE to dance more and more with little regard for technique and polishedness…. it so lovely that belly dance can be this way, that it is more about the passion then it is about the perfectness!

Sahra Seeda "Journey Through Egypt 2" GraduationYesterday my duo partner and myself booked our first gig together!!! We were nerve wracked as we were supposed to dance at a Serbian restrauant for someone’s 40th birthday! Nonetheless we did the best we could and had a BALL doing it!!! The short and end of it was that we made $110 in tips ON TOP of the fee!!! So finally belly dancing is paying off, after all the thousands of dollars one spends on costumes, props and gear…. all the money on classes and ALL the time I’ve devoted…..

So I have to end by saying this… I LOVE DANCING!!! While for most it’s about the audience or the spotlight or the money (those are definite bonuses), for me everytime I dance I feel that it is a personal triumph… not only for all the shit I’ve had to wade through in life, but also the fact that I have to overcome many physical disabilities to do what I do….. I hope as a dancer I give joy to those I dance for and inspire those who are a little “off the beaten track” to believe in themselves and dream too!

When I belly dance I remember the chubby little girl in pink tights at the Taste of the Danforth, taking to the stage and OWNING it… she danced and she loved it! I wish the world was a better place and I hope that this little girl can grow up without ever feeling like a big girl in a skinny people’s world. Maybe when she grows up our society will care less about weight, color, body mod’s etc and just love and accept her for what she has to give and the person she has choosen to be 🙂 This is what I dance for… a better world, as belly dancing has definitely painted my world rainbow and I will always love it for that!