Lavish Dance Company & The Dark Side Studio Media


“The Dark Side Studio presented Lavish Dance Company’s Step for the first time at the 2010 Toronto Fringe last night. Seductive and sensual from the start, I was left with wanting more by the end.

Audra Simmons, company founder and modern belly dance pioneer, choreographed the group numbers, while dance solos were choreographed by the dancers themselves. These dances included influences not only from belly dance, but from Flamenco, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical and Lyrical type dance.”  Mooney on Theatre, full review

“Hips may not lie, but they can certainly seduce. The seven performers in this sassy modern take on belly dancing push the limits of the form, offering nine numbers that range in tone from moody and tempestuous to playful and flirty.”  Eye Magazine (article no longer available online)

Generation Go comes to The Dark Side Studio, interview with Audra & video