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About Us

Studio for Movement is a place for dance and movement. We offer classes in Bellydance, Pilates Mat, Yoga and Alexander Technique. Studio for Movement is a space to develop a deeper connection between mind and body.

Our classes focus on developing greater body awareness, increasing your kinesthetic sense while re-patterning your muscles for a better coordination. Our primary focus is on your movement education with fitness as an added benefit.

We emphasize the importance of creating space for yourself to develop your practice.

studiospace2-1Why develop better body awareness?

*injury prevention

*release of excess tension

*efficiency in your movement

*greater strength

*greater balance

*bring more awareness to all of your activities


move53-webDo you want to:

Find more strength, grace and poise in your body?

Learn a skill?

Connect with yourself?

Learn one of the world’s oldest dances as you develop a greater sense of yourself?

Bellydance has a rich vocabulary that is empowering, elegant and uniquely feminine. Our classes are open to women of all ages whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional dancer. Click here to find out more about our StudioBelly Program.


Studio (93)-webDo you want to:

Develop greater core strength?

Increase your mobility?

Move with more ease?

Develop more stability, flexibility & coordination?

Bring balance and awareness to your regular workout?

Pilates creates more balance in your body through exercises that are supported by breath, awareness and attention. Increase your body awareness and develop core strength. Learn to listen to your body and notice where you hold tension. Work towards re-patterning your movements for greater efficiency and ease. All levels are welcome whether you are re-covering from injury or as a cross training enhancement.

Click here to learn more.


iStock_000005206884SmallDo you want to:

Develop more mindfulness and breath  awareness?

Cultivate a deeper sense of well being?

Move your body with more ease?

Increase your strength and flexibility?

Cultivate a sense of well being, Develop the ability to live in the present through the  practice of postures, each of which has a specific physical benefit. Take a moment for yourself…

Click here to find out about our yoga classes.

Alexander Technique

movement27-webDo you want to:

Learn more about your body mechanics?

Develop greater body awareness?

Have better posture?

Move with more ease?

Alexander Technique gives you a new way of thinking about how you move. Increase your awareness of the amount of tension you are holding in your body and how your habits affect every activity which you are engaged in.

Click here to find out more about Alexander Technique

Join us today! Get moving and stay moving.

Denise Mireau

denise mireau alexander technique pilates yoga bellydance studio for movementDenise Mireau is a dance artist and teacher in Middle Eastern Dance, Alexander Technique (member of ATI) and Pilates Teacher.  She is the owner and director of Studio For Movement. She has over 20 years of experience in Middle Eastern dance that include being a lead dancer with the critically acclaimed Arabesque Dance Company from 1992 to 2006, performing in many theatrical productions and performances such as the UN Millennium Summit (New York City), the International Conference of Middle Eastern Dance (Los Angeles), and dance contracts in Greece and Lebanon.

Denise draws upon a wide array of training and experiences ranging from modern dance to Tai chi and improvisation. Her work as a certified Alexander Technique Teacher and Pilates Instructor inspire and inform her approach to teaching movement and dance. She is especially interested in providing a space where students can explore their creativity and develop more confidence and awareness in their bodies.