Om Laila Bellydance for Body and Soul

Class Descriptions


6:00 – 7:00 Seven Waves Super-juicy work-out and Movement Meditation
New students welcome.  Roula’s original and unique movement system – it is comprised of a series of specific movement sequences and structured improvisations and contains elements of bellydance, modern dance, yoga, Pilates, and Continuum movement..  This is a class with a more inward focus – you will be skillfully guided but left space to connect to your own impulses and rhythms.  Live drum accompaniment by Jaash is an added bonus of the class.

7:15-8:15  Level 1 Bellydance with Roula 

This level as it is where you will set the foundation for all your technique. After a warm up in Roula’s holistic Seven Waves Movement System, you will learn the following elements of bellydance vocabulary:


• 6 basic stationary hip isolations
• the distinction between weighted and unweighted hip movements
• isolations in the chest, shoulders and neck
• 7 basic arm positions
• 3 types of shimmies
• preliminary traveling steps
• basic versions of the fundamental geometric forms of bellydance: circle, figure eight, undulation/wave
You will also become familiar with the Chakras and how we use them for teaching bellydance.

8:15-9:15  Level 2 Bellydance with Roula

As your basics take root, you will also learn the following elements:

• more traveling steps built on the basic hip movements
• layering of shimmies on all the basic hip, chest, shoulder and neck isolations
• adding three quarter shimmy and choo choos to the shimmy repertoire
• working with veils
• working with finger cymbals (zylls or saghat)
• learning to identify and clap the basic rhythms of the dance
• combinations and choreography


5:50 – 6:50 Level 1 Bellydance with Roula

see description above (Mondays at 7:15)


7:00 – 8:00 Level 3 / 4 Innovative Bellydance with Roula: technique and choreography

Tune up, warm up and tone up your body with Roula’s fabulous Seven Waves Movement System,  then get ready for  a challenging choreography geared at intermediate students and beyond.  Technique and  transitions are broken down in clear detail yet the class still moves at a pace that will make you sweat.  Learn the moves in this class and if you want to take your “layering” to new creative heights, stick around for the DrumSong class at 8 pm to learn the song(s) that you are dancing to and the rhythmic accompaniment.


8:00 – 9:00 pm – DrumSong – Focus on singing and playing zylls, tambourine, etc

Raise your voice in song  (details below), take your zyll playing to another level (wherever it may currently be), or try your hand at the tambourine or frame drum.  Goblet drummers and instrumentalists are also welcome and should email Roula:  This class is great to pair up with the choreography and technique class that preceeds it which focuses more on movement.

More about the Voice component:  we will work to open and embody our voices – an amazing exploration even if you never intend to sing in public.  We will then learn Arabic songs and elements of Arabic songs – past selections include Tahtil Shibbak, Al eyn Mulllaitain, Du’u-l’mazaher…new material TBA. We will also work on a technique to vocalize rhythms that Roula calls “Vocabelly” – it includes the basic sounds like Dum and Tek and then goes way beyond to create a DrumSong.  It is challenging and really fun.


1:00 – 2:00 Seven Waves Lab with Roula

This class focuses on the healing and freeing qualities of Seven Waves Movement and bellydance.  Technique is taught but very much in support of this process of healing and deep connection.  Choreography, structured improvisation and “follow the leader” combinations emerge from the awesome energy of this class. This class truly has a quality that is very much its own, with some students who have been coming for years at its core and a very open spirit that welcomes new explorers.