The Grid TO – Long Live The King

**The Grid TO is a new publication that has really interesting articles and write ups.  Recently they had a review on a local Toronto falafel hotspot!

Excerpt from The Grid To – Long Live The King:

_Fri Jun 17, 2011_Food and Drink

Long live the King

Blessed are the falafelmakers, for they bring peace. This is the story of how a Muslim-operated falafel shop became a beloved institution in a traditionally Jewish community.

Falafel abounds in Toronto. From the Lebanese/Syrian-style wraps filled with pickled turnips and onions to the overstuffed Israeli pillow-pockets brimming with fried potatoes and a myriad of toppings, I’ve tried them all. I’ve also tried dozens more around the world, from the streets of Ramallah to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Each has its advantages, each its own characteristics, but time and again, I return to my neighbourhood favourite, King Falafel (875 Eglinton Ave. W., 416-782-0650. #FOR).

King Falafel’s signature dish is a study in balanced simplicity. Whereas other falafels are pre-fried, loaded with toppings the way they do at frozen-yogurt chains, and then reheated, King Falafel’s is stripped down, spartan and delicious. The ingredients—soaked chickpeas, parsley, leeks, green onions, cumin seeds—are ground and shaped by hand, fried in a battered wok in vegetable shortening and placed in a soft but sturdy round pita pocket with a few chopped tomatoes, bits of iceberg lettuce and a drizzle of homemade tahini and harissa hot sauce. The falafel’s delicate crunch reveals a hot, soft interior, and that interplay of texture, along with the cooling of the tomatoes and the sweetness of the tahini vibing off the building harissa fire, outweighs any other falafel I’ve tried.

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