Possible Lesya Starr Workshop!!

From: Alhambra Dance

Hi All,
I am sending out a preliminary message because Lesya Starr will be back in
Toronto in July-August 2011.

Alhambra Dance will be hosting her for 2-3 different workshops.

There is one in particular she offers as an intensive, and before going through the planning I’d like to find out if people would be interested enough to register for this.

Lesya calls it Creative Oriental Dance and here is the description:

If you like the sounds of it, please reply to me and let me know – I won’t offer
it if there aren’t enough people who would attend.

This work was born of Lesya’s deep desire to offer to students and professional dancers of Oriental Dance an opportunity to participate in a dance that liberates the creative potential in each individual, surpassing inhibitions, and helps to break away from the usual stereotype that is found in Oriental dance. For this work the most important thing is to come with an open mind and heart, leave your regular personality at the door, connect with the other women in the group, and deliver yourself to your own innate femininity in order to discover new forms of expression in dance.

In this week long intensive workshop Lesya will offer us the opportunity to work with dance in a creative way through the element of water. Why water? In many traditions women are the caretakers of water, and at this very sensitive time on our planet, where fresh water is becoming so scarse, it seems that we need to keep this ever-so present…..
Water flows, adapts itself to all situations, fills up every space and then carries on it’s way.
Water is the fluid of life, regeneration, tranformation, change.
Water represents the emotions, dreams, purification, fluidity, femeninity, the beginning-our origen, transmition, intuition, receptivity.
Water is the element of women. It is said that the divine feminine comes to us through water.

In this intensive:
-we will open our perception and reconnect with the messages in water
-remember the way our ancestors lived when they honoured and venerated water
with love.
-create the possibility to work within the idea of other realities… ..an
acuatic world as another type of atmosphere
-experiment with other ways of expressing ourselves using improvisation and special materials to accompany us
-work with a piece of music composed and selected for this type of work;
develope a dance within the group framework and complete a choreography based on structured improvisation
-open a space for active meditations related to dance movement in order to
arrive at deeper levels of experience in the work that is being proposed
-create a poem in movement *This work is based on the fluid movements of Oriental Dance, the voice, abstract imagination, creative dance, and Dervish spins (Minimum 2 years experience in Oriental Dance)

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back from some of you soon! 🙂

CalianaAlhambra Dance
http://www.alhambra dance.com